new sealcoating on parking lot by Straightline, Inc.

Protect Your Asphalt

Don’t risk having to completely replace your entire pavement because a seal coat wasn’t applied. Let the professionals at Straightline, Inc. maintain the asphalt pavement at your residential, commercial, or industrial property with their seal coating services. FREE estimates are available.

Revitalize Pavement and Save Money

A quality seal coating gives a brand new look to your pavement and adds years of life to your driveway and parking lot. Also, it saves thousands of dollars on a total replacement.

Benefits of Seal Coating

  • Slows down oxidation
  • Slows weather damage
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Resists petroleum and chemicals
  • Extends the life of your asphalt

Reduce the Risk of Injury

When you don’t have seal coating on your pavement, you risk the development of potholes that could be dangerous to anyone walking or driving by. Increase the safety at your property with a seal coat application. Contact us today.

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